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"Truth Must be Told"

"As a young Canadian freelance journalist, I just wanted to say thank you for bringing the other side of the story to the homes and eyes of all.. The truth must be told, never hidden from the people in North America, so they may imagine what it...

"Deep-Felt Thank You"

"This is just a plain, simple, deeply felt "thank you" without any elaboration and justification. During the war aginst Iraq I couldn't read the New York Times and Washington Post for truth but government propaganda. You present the other side, a...

"I Commend You"

"I commend The March For Justice for showing us the horrifying results of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Without an informed
citizenry, there can be no Democracy." -B. A.

"Americans Like You"

"It is Americans like yourself that will save your country. I thank God for the internet which has put me in touch with Americans like yourselves - otherwise I would be seething with hate. We Canadians, Americans, Europeans and Jews and Muslims...

"Hope People will Act"

"Thank you so much for your web site. I only hope that U.S. citizens and people of the world will understand and act before it's too late. As Howard Zinn has said, 'the problem isn't civil disobedience, but obedience, obedience to leaders,' etc...

"No Justification"

"I challenge each and every one of you to take the time to visit The March For Justice and to look at each and every
picture. Each little girl, boy, woman and man in each of these pictures deserves at least that much. Then ask yourself how...

"Thank You for Sharing the Truth"

"Thank you for sharing the truth with us! The main-stream media are feeding us only with sterile pap." - D.M.


"Thank you for having the courage to maintain this website. Yes your picture gallery is indeed shocking - the images have caused me to weep and even to feel physically ill, yet I have sent the link to others, as a sort of counter to the war-games...

"The Truth is Painful"

"Like the 13 yeard old, I say thank you. I have emailed your web site to others so they can also see the truth. The truth is painful but I do not like to be force fed with the lies from CNN." - RW

"Tears Down My Face"

"As i sit with tears down my face I can just send my deepest thanks that this webpage depicts what is the truth. Still I feel hopeless for the poor innocent people of Iraq and ask why?????????? May God support you in your efforts and struggles to...

"Thank You for Showing the World the Truth"

"I would just like to say thank you for showing the world the truth. I went through your picture gallery and I started
crying. I am only thirteen years old." - A