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Depraved Indifference

by Patrice Woeppel, Ed.D.

Every eight minutes in this country, someone dies from an occupational illness or injury.
All across America, in every state, across industries and occupations, workers are being injured, or killed, or exposed to toxic chemicals from which they are dying. What has happened to...

9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out

by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott

Practically from the moment the dust settled in New York and Washington after the attacks of September 11, a movement has grown of survivors, witnesses, and skeptics who have never quite been able to accept the official story. When theologian David Ray Griffin turned his attention to this topic in his book The New Pearl Harbor (2003), he helped give voice to...

Muhammad: A Prophet of Our Time

By Karen Armstrong

Muhammad was born in 570 CE, and over the following sixty years built a thriving spiritual community, laying the foundations of a religion that changed the course of world history. There is more historical data on his life than on that of the founder of any other major faith, and yet his story is little known.

Karen Armstrong's immaculately researched new biography of...

The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State

By Noah Feldman

Perhaps no other Western writer has more deeply probed the bitter struggle in the Muslim world between the forces of religion and law and those of violence and lawlessness as Noah Feldman. His scholarship has defined the stakes in the Middle East today. Now, in this penetrating book, Feldman tells the story behind the increasingly popular call for the establishment of the sharia --...

Is There an Islamic Problem?

Essays on Islamicate Societies, the US and Israel
By M. Shahid Alam

In the aftermath of September 11th, a pre-emptive strike was launched long before cruise missiles and cluster bombs found their way into the villages and cities of Afghanistan and Iraq. Demonizing Islam with the full force and fury of powerful media outlets and think tanks, the Right first struck ideological blows by twisting...

Hegemony or Survival

By Noam Chomsky

For more than half a century, the United States has been pursuing a grand imperial strategy with the aim of staking out the globe. Our leaders have shown themselves willing -- as in the Cuban missile crisis -- to follow the dream of dominance no matter how high the risks. Now the Bush administration is intensifying this process, driving us toward a choice between the prerogatives of...

By Way of Deception

By Victor Ostrovsky

The making of a Mossad officer is the true story of an officer in Israel's most secret agency. Intelligence agencies should never try to ban books about themselves. Like Peter Wright's Spycatcher (Penguin USA, 1987), which was suppressed in Britain , this book on Israel's legendary spy organization by a former Mossad katsa or case officer has ended up on the New York Times best...

Galilee Flowers

By Israel Shamir

The essays collected in the this book were written during the years 2001-2002, in the old Palestinian port-town of Jaffa, on the shore of the Eastern Mediterranean, during the Second Intifada, or Intifada al-Aqsa, but they are not limited to events in Palestine. The war in the Holy Land is presented as the centre-stage of the world-wide struggle of ideas, against a backdrop of such...

A Little Piece of Ground

By Elizabeth Laird

The story of a young Palestinian boy comes alive in the newest book from award-winning children’s author Elizabeth Laird, revealing an honest and open illustration of a young life lived under occupation.

A Little Piece Of Ground will help young readers understand more about one of the worst conflicts afflicting our world today. Written by one of Great Britain’s best-known...

The Wound of Dispossession

By Kathleen Christison

The Wound of Dispossession is the Palestinian story as told by Palestinians. Based on extensive interviews with more than 120 Palestinians throughout the United States, the book describes the Palestinians' experience of dispossession and exile, in their own words. Palestinians talk about what Zionism means to them, what living under Israeli occupation or as citizens in the...

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

By Greg Palast

Investigative journalist Greg Palast has uncovered scandal, fraud, corruption, and lies in the highest seats of power - from the White House to corporate America. Known in Britain as "the greatest investigative reporter of our time" (Tribune Magazine), Palast has broken some of the biggest stories of the past decade, including:

- How Bush killed the FBI's investigation of the...

Not My Words But Theirs

A Christian American’s Defense of Middle Eastern Culture and its People

By Mark Glenn
Not My Words, But Theirs is a collection of essays written by an American Christian concerning the events surrounding September 11, and is a refutation offered against the lies that have been propagated by the Western media surrounding the Middle Eastern culture and its peoples. Below are excerpts of some of...

Occupied Voices: Stories of Everyday Life from the Second Intifada

By Wendy Pearlman

The stories she heard, ranging from the humorous to the tragic, paint a profile that is as honest as it is uncommon in the Western media: one of ordinary people who just want to live ordinary lives. As Pearlman writes, "The personal stories and heartfelt reflections that I encountered did not expose a hatred of Jews or a yearning to push Israelis into the sea. Rather, they painted...

Palestine Peace Not Apartheid

By Jimmy Carter

"Israelis believe they have the right to confiscate and colonize Palestinian land and try to justify the sustained subjugation and persecution of increasingly hopeless and aggravated Palestinians."

About the Book (Courtesy of SimonSays.com)
Following his #1 New York Times bestseller, Our Endangered Values, the former president, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, offers an...

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

John Perkins

About the Book (Amazon.com Review by Alex Rosin)
John Perkins started and stopped writing Confessions of an Economic Hit Man four times over 20 years. He says he was threatened and bribed in an effort to kill the project, but after 9/11 he finally decided to go through with this expose of his former professional life. Perkins, a former chief economist at Boston strategic-...

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

by John Taylor Gatto

From Library Journal
In this tenth-anniversary edition, Gatto updates his theories on how the U.S. educational system cranks out students the way Detroit cranks out Buicks. He contends that students are more programmed to conform to economic and social norms rather than really taught to think.
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