A World Without Israel

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By Nidal Sakr

(MAF 1/18/2009) Not too many people can say “I witnessed history in the making.” Today, we do not have to witness history as we all are already part of it, which does make our time indeed very unique.
New history in the making manifests itself in almost everything around us. America is having its first truly universal president. Our economy is in the gravest state it has ever been. Our mighty military machine is coming home with its chief commander shoe stricken, and the lamest administration we ever had is leaving office in humiliation and disgrace as a lesson for leaders to come.

But the world does not only revolve around us. It never has, and it never will. There are more profound changes taking place almost everywhere else. In a Bush-like failing political maneuver, Israel launched one of its most barbaric genocides to date preempting the new US administration. By waging war on Gaza, Israel aims to create a status quo that would allow to continue dictating its terms as a hostage taker of the US and the region past inauguration.

Israel’s control over US is evidenced by no less than Israeli prime minister bragging about how he ordered the US chief in command to abide by Israel’s change of heart. On Olmert’s order, Bush walked out of his speech to command his state secretary to back down from a resolution to Security Council she personally drafted earlier according to Israel’s conditions.

Perhaps the most historic of all events in recent times is the signing of Israel and US to an “understanding” of disarming Palestinian resistance and enforcing an arms embargo against the embattled resistance.

Such an event represents a declaration of defeat by Israel and its chief ally in their war against an almost entirely defenseless, indigenous population. It actually amounts in significance to the historic Balfour Declaration of 1917. With the Balfour Declaration, Britain promised to grant the Zionist Agency the land of Palestine in return for funding Britain in WWI.

The striking similarity between the two accords can clearly be seen in the following. Britain, when making the promise, had no jurisdiction over Palestine, which was still under Ottoman control. At the time, Britain had also promised Sherif Hussein Bin Ali of Hijaz the land of Palestine as part of Hashemite Kingdom over much of historical Syria in return for revolt against the Ottomans in WWI. Thus all parties to British promises including Balfour were legally and factually irrelevant. It is very much like “He Who Has Not, Can Give Not.” There is no more proof to such a fact than the latest Gaza war.

Gaza is the largest concentration camp the world has ever known. Almost all of the million and a half people of Gaza belong in fact to the historic Palestine and are NOT from Gaza. When Palestinians launch their home made symbolic projectiles, they in fact strike back at their very homeland, at the very occupiers of their homeland. Israel is an occupier of other people’s land, nothing more and nothing less. As we have seen for almost a century, people will never give up their land, no matter how many of their babies or mothers you choose to kill. There is a fact that is stronger than any reality we can imagine to create. We may not like it, or we may convince ourselves or pretend that such a fact does not exist. Such a fact is that people, one day and beyond any doubt, will definitely go back home.

As Bush has proven, there is just no power ever existed and will ever exist that can stop people from going home. Look no further than Somalia, Iraq, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Philippines, Thailand, Rwanda, Kenya, Lebanon, Congo, Armenia, and everywhere you can look, people only go back to one place. That place is HOME.

The Question of Israel
In its intellectually-insulting categorization of the world as “with us or with the terrorists,” the expiring administration labeled all people who seek to liberate their lands and return home as terrorists. Although UN Charter and Geneva Conventions recognize the rights of people of all occupied lands to resist by all means, US had no hesitation in declaring UN irrelevant when international law stood in the way of US aggression. The US went further to bend all international laws and human norms to launch brutal wars against people the world over and to create a whole new label to designate all legally-sanctioned resistance as terrorists. In fact, it was the US who inspired the saying: “Terrorism is in the Eyes of the Beholder.”

The question we all must ask ourselves, since when is going home or even merely wanting to go home a crime? But first, think of your own home, your own family, and your own life.

In a world where we all come to recognize that “What Goes Around Comes Around,” denying Palestinians the very right of going back home or merely wanting to go back home amounts to denying that any of us has any right to any home. That not only Palestinians are homeless, but in fact we all are. We reside somewhere until somebody else decides that our children’s room, our own bedroom, and our family dining area is theirs and not ours, and that it is time for us to go.
Well, if you find that outrageous, it is no more than the reality of Palestine and Palestinians today - a land longing for its people, and a people the world over have no place to call home, except for that land longing for their return.

By merely existing, Israel is a defiance to all that is legal, legitimate, or a human norm. Not only is its very existence a contradiction in and by itself, its practices from targeting women, children, hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, universities, ambulances, UN compounds, and if all that is not enough CEMETERIES too, Israel is a de facto enemy to all there is, be it alive or even dead.

Such destructiveness is a threat to itself, first and foremost, and also to the entire human community. Taking a religion hostage, claiming that any religion would sanction such satanic practices is utterly rejected by none other than religious Jews themselves, and any people of conscience for that matter.

In over 60 years of its illegitimate existence, Israel has proven that it can create anything but peace and stability. At a time when the West is living the pinch of its ill doing, neither the US nor any other culprit in Israeli crimes can continue their blind support. Palestinian resistance, just like all resistance, proved once more that human spirit always prevails. Today, the upper hand in the heart of all disputes is forever Palestinian.

Having so much blood spilled and so much humanity violated, I can only hear calls for revenge. As I stated earlier, proportional toll on the aggressors is way beyond what anyone can stomach, although by “A Tooth for a Tooth, and an Eye for an Eye,” it would only be fair. I personally hate the scene of blood, even if it was my own enemy’s. But no matter how much I hate such a scene, it is the one thing I would want to see if that was the only way to defend my home and family.

That is where Palestine and Palestinians are today, and that is where we all are on the other side of this bloody equation.

Today the question of a “World Without Israel,” is a question past due, while the answer still lingers on.

Do we talk peace and adhere to our peace charter as in “Because We Are Jews,” or do we choose to battle it out no matter how bloody the scene gets? I do not want another 9/11 nor does anyone in America or the world. Palestine has had way too many 9/11s, as did other places we violated.

We must surrender to the fact that human life is equally sacred. We must abide by law and order. And we must weigh things on the scale of truth and justice.

Israel has violated US Arms Export Control Act, as well as every pertinent law that stipulates that US arms may not be used in attacks against civilians. Arms embargoes are not meant to deny people under aggression the right to defend themselves as we did in Bosnia and we are doing in Palestine. There is no entity in the world that deserves a total blockade and arms embargo more than Israel does. Failing to abide by law, both US and international, only means we continue to criminally support an outlaw entity.

If some still argue that Palestinian missiles randomly hit Israeli civilians, then short of a just and comprehensive resolution, we should supply Palestinians with more sophisticated and better guided munitions to avoid civilians, instead of enforcing an arms embargo.

I guarantee that Palestinians would love for all their targets to be military, but they can only launch whatever they can get their hands on to stay alive. Just like human evolution, Palestinian projectiles evolved in the face of escalating Israeli aggression and occupation. Under siege and arms embargo, Palestinian arsenal has grown from stones and shoes to Molotov cocktails, bullets and guns, suicide bombings, Qassams and Grads, tunnels, and on to more sophisticated, better-guided missiles that occasionally strike military bases.

In Israeli world of madness we’ve got no steak but all bones. We may choose to remedy our long ill doing by supporting a Palestinian-Jewish resolution that will allow people to live in peace and co-existence, or we can prolong a losing bet of bloodshed while we continue to sink deeper in our misery and payback for our failures.

Once everything is said and done, people eventually will go home. We will no longer hold the keys to their homes, and shoes, shame, and empty pockets are all we will be left with.