When You Talk With God

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By Frank Fugate

Recently, much has been made of your talks and your closeness with God in extracts quoted from Bob Woodward's "Plan of Attack" and the recent PBS's "The Jesus Factor." We know talks with God are usually personal. However, one cannot help but wonder if He has exempted you from the Ten Commandments He gave Moses and are the foundation of our civilized Christian society.

When you talk with God, Mr. President, did He tell you it is ok to ignore His commandment: "Thou shalt not kill," and allow you to support Sharon in his killing of innocent Palestinian Christians and Muslims, mostly infants, children, women and the old? Are they not humans? Like you, are they not God's children? We know, Mr. President, you haven't personally killed another human. You went to great lengths not to go to the war in Vietnam - to kill or be killed.

You haven't personally killed an Iraqi citizen. You just sent other Americans in harm's way to do it for you. You haven't personally killed a Palestinian. You just turn your back while Sharon continues to kill and maim.

When you talked to your God, did He tell you it is ok to disobey His commandment: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor," as you have done against the Iraqis, claiming they had WMDs? True, they are not your neighbors in Washington or Crawford. They are Israel's neighbors and that makes them your neighbors, right?

Did God tell you it is ok for you to ignore, "Thou shalt not steal," and "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house . nor any thing that is thy neighbor's," and that you could approve Sharon's taking more and more Arab Christian and Arab Muslim land?

Did God tell you that it is ok to terrorize these desperate people so they will endure a life of poverty and humiliation, and be forced to forfeit their few worldly possessions? No, you, again, didn't personally take any of these, but when you stood beside Sharon and formed your nexus you became an important accessory. When you "locked arms" with Sharon and said these people cannot return to their homeland, it reminded me of how our ancestors terrorized the Native Americans until they had no choice but to move to some of the most desolate parts of America.

Your spin team goes to great effort to portray Muslims as having a lack of regard for human life. Did God say it is ok for you to order the killing and maiming of thousands of humans in Iraq -- Christians, non-Christians and others? No question Saddam was a brutal leader and killed thousands of Iraqis. How many Iraqis have you killed and maimed in your crusade, as you once called it, in a Freudian slip of the tongue? How many Iraqis have we tortured and humiliated? Why are you so interested in democratizing the Middle East when there are so many other dictatorships in Asia and Africa? Is it because it is the cradle of Christianity, your vision, your Armageddon?

More people have been killed on this earth in the name of religion than by disasters, diseases, and pestilence combined. Your decision to invade Iraq, which was implied to have come from God in Woodward's "Plan of Attack," and the recent PBS's "The Jesus Factor," and your comments that America should be the conscience of the world, will only add to killing in the name of religion. When I think of how many, it blows my mind.

I am sure of one thing Mr. President, your crusade is not my crusade. America's Middle East quagmire has been created by our one-sided support of Israel.

Our God, teaches us to be compassionate to all humankind. Of this I am also equally sure.


Frank Fugate spent 33 plus years living in the Middle East, primarily in Saudi Arabia. He retired from Aramco (now Saudi Aramco) in 1988 as a Senior Vice President and Aramco Board member.