Stretch Time

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Ancestry Tale of a Superpower
By Nidal Sakr

Once upon a time a scholar was sitting with his students when a respectable-looking man approached. The scholar, who had his legs extended in comfort, folded them in discomfort out of respect for the strange man. “Duha prayer is performed during the time from sunrise until noon,” the scholar said in his Muslim teachings class. The strange man suddenly asked: “But what if the sun does not rise?”
The respected scholar looked right, looked left, and said as he was stretching: “It is time for Abu Haneefa to extend his legs.”

The story occurred in the capital of civilization at the time, in the Middle East and Baghdad of all places, where some of us are from. It was at the time of Medieval Europe, the capital of savagery at the time, where many of us are from.

The occasion to recall the story is the same savagery perpetrated by the European ancestors, against the ancestors of the scholar, as if civilization and savagery are both genetic. Once again, the story is at the very birth place of civilization.

The trigger event is a recent visit by the three stooges: Cheney, McCain, and Lieberman, to land of civilization and their circulated senseless jibberation, which I am sure none of us cares to recall.

The message is to all of our victims wherever you are - in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and all of us here at home. While we await expiration of one lame presidency, and pray for not having to endure another one: “It is about time we all stretched our legs!!!!!!!!!!!”