"Thank you for having the courage to maintain this website. Yes your picture gallery is indeed shocking - the images have caused me to weep and even to feel physically ill, yet I have sent the link to others, as a sort of counter to the war-games hype of CNN et al. Some of the letters you have received are equally shocking, and quite clearly speak volumes about the mentality that drives US aggression. It is very disturbing, and saddening beyond words, that such people believe the solution to violence is more violence. Perhaps their rabid vitriol is a symptom of their own horror at what is being done in their names; the greater their inner horror, the louder they scream, to convince themselves as much as to convince others, that their government's actions are justified. For perhaps that is less complicated than to consider that they are being lied to, or that there are other paths for the world to follow, that do not lead to the senseless deaths, maimings and misery of thousands of innocents." - M.S.