Not My Words But Theirs

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A Christian American’s Defense of Middle Eastern Culture and its People

By Mark Glenn
Not My Words, But Theirs is a collection of essays written by an American Christian concerning the events surrounding September 11, and is a refutation offered against the lies that have been propagated by the Western media surrounding the Middle Eastern culture and its peoples. Below are excerpts of some of the arguments offered within it.

"Within the religion of Islam, Christians and Jews are not considered “infidels” as we have been led to believe. In fact, a cursory study of the Quran will reveal that Christians and Jews are referred to as “peoples of the book,” and the term “infidel” is reserved for those who do not believe in the One God.” -“Junk History” ch11

" the final analysis, each one of us must at least be willing to dart out from the sidelines of a ruthless, angry, and cheering mob of brutes and offer some token of compassion towards those who are passing by on their way to destruction, each of us thinking to himself or herself in the process, this is something that I must do, for I am my brother’s keeper. -“My Brother’s Keeper” ch2

"...........and if by some miracle the Arab/Muslim world is victorious against this onslaught, and the secular/atheistic influence of the NWO agenda is reduced, it will be necessary to credit the religion of Islam and the Arab world for not buckling under in the face of attempted extermination. And it will be we, the Christian West and Western Civilization, who will be the beneficiaries of Islamic "Extremism.” - Islamic "Extremism" May Save Western Civilization” ch3

Some of the works contained within this book have appeared on as many as 80 websites around the globe, as well as several print publications, and have been offered in several different languages. It is the desire of the author in writing this book to wake up his fellow countrymen in the US as to what are the lies that they have been told concerning the peoples of the Middle East, and in so doing, contribute something of value that may prevent the extermination of an entire culture.

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