A Little Piece of Ground

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By Elizabeth Laird

The story of a young Palestinian boy comes alive in the newest book from award-winning children’s author Elizabeth Laird, revealing an honest and open illustration of a young life lived under occupation.

A Little Piece Of Ground will help young readers understand more about one of the worst conflicts afflicting our world today. Written by one of Great Britain’s best-known young adult authors, Elizabeth Laird, A Little Piece Of Ground explores the human cost of the occupation of Palestinians lands through the eyes of a young boy.

This powerful book will help fill a substantial gap in existing young adult literature on the Middle East.

Karim and his family are trapped in their Ramallah home by a strict curfew. In response to a Palestinian suicide bombing, the Israeli military subjects the West Bank town to a virtual siege. Meanwhile Karim longs to play soccer with his friends. But in Ramallah there’s constant danger, even for schoolchildren, and when Israeli soldiers find Karim outside during the next curfew, it seems impossible that he will survive.

“Sometimes we need more than escapism. No one but Elizabeth Laird could have written this book. She has lived in the Middle East. She knows it, loves it, grieves for it, and hopes for it. Read it, and know what it is to feel oppressed, to feel fear every day. And we should know it, and our children should know it, for this is how much of the world lives.”
--Michael Morpurgo, British children’s laureate

“An unflinching account of life under Israeli occupation.”
--Glasgow Herald

“Easy to read but with a resonance that remains in the mind long after the book has been finished.”
--Carousel: The Guide to Children’s Books

About the Author
Elizabeth Laird is the author of Kiss the Dust and The Garbage King. She received the 2004 Hampshire Award for A Little Piece of Ground.

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