"Deep-Felt Thank You"


"This is just a plain, simple, deeply felt "thank you" without any elaboration and justification. During the war aginst Iraq I couldn't read the New York Times and Washington Post for truth but government propaganda. You present the other side, a truth. I had delighted in reading Al Jazeera on line until that access was quickly denied us through no desire of Al Jazeera's. The US government bombed Al Jazeera's offices in Afghanistan and Baghdad. Senior US officials have verabally attacked Al Jazeera so strongly that it is no surprise that Al Jazeera was physically attacked. You are still here and render an invaluable service of providing another piece of reality that belongs to truth. There are those in our government who are so weak in truth's light that their only strength lies in physical violence and forced silence. Daily we live in Plato's Cave. Long may you continue so we may slip our bondage from time to time. Thank you once again."