Deception or Denial

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By David Kersting

The relentless talk about an Israeli-Palestinian "two-state" solution for "peace" is the great ideological mystery of our era - along with the notion that a few Zionist "hardliners," by foolishly "overreacting," have ruined an initial hope of two happy states living side by side in peace and harmony. Over fifty-five years of such talk has brought us to perpetual war with the entire Middle East; the building of an openly racist wall between the "Jewish only" settlements of the "Jewish state" and the ethnically unsuited indigenous population in their last ghetto-reservations; three decades of ever-increasing airport-security tensions; and the absurd proposition of an Arab or Muslim enemy, as cause for nuclear tensions, suitable to replace "the communists" and the Cold War.

There are obviously a few things wrong with the "two-state" path:

1.) We are all supposed to have learned, quite some time ago, that official policies of ethnic discrimination, preference, and prejudice are totally unacceptable, because they guarantee a pattern of ethnic injustice and a future of conflict - until the RACISM is ended.

The "two-state" scenario has always been pure undiluted Zionism. It demands that Palestinians surrender to ethnic-cleansing as a perpetual violation of individual refugees' human rights, within the territory of the "Jewish" state. It also demands that ALL Palestinians surrender to being cleansed from most of their national homeland, by openly racist invaders - thus, even the "Arab" side of this regressively racist scheme would have to surrender to the victory of Zionism in most of Palestine. Zionist supremacy would therefore reign even in the "Arab Zone," which could try to console itself by mimicking Zionism and erecting its own mirror-image supremacy for "the Arabs."

2.) We are also supposed to have learned long ago that, besides being unjust and violent, official racism DOES NOT WORK - is not sustainable, is a source of endless problems, and is no answer to anything.

3.) It is absurd to think that Zionist "hardliners," like Sharon, have ever meant to bring peace. A little more thought shows that they don't have any long-term plans at all.

With limitless funding from Zionist-gulled US taxpayers, and with complete suppression of criticism - and long-term thought - Zionism has merely been a series of opportunities for criminals to launch themselves into prominence through gruesome policies which fully exploit the lack of scrutiny and prompt the counter-attacks for which these same persons offer themselves as defenders - eternally "defending" Jewish supremacy from the human-rights of its ethnically unwanted victims.

The initial need was real, but ever since the 1890s, the Zionist leaders who have emerged to prominence have been those who've exploited and cultivated that need to the max: that kind of selection process is assured, when critical thought is too easily quashed - under cries of "anti-Semitism," for example.

Zionism is a runaway elephant, as all its globally non-sustainable policies show. Corporate and other international influences are minor pressures in this rampant power-grab by violent psychopaths wielding a vast propaganda-machine and military. Any notion that Zionist leaders care about anything other than their personal prominence is the result of that propaganda machine.

Zionism in general - such as AIPAC and the Organized Jewish Community - is merely swept along by the lure of rising careers, cozy chauvinist conformity, and dread of censorious slander and violence. That's why it is impossible to convince any "pro-Israeli" that a sober grasp of reality is the only way to serve one's people. Zionism is itself the ideology of overwrought egos, in a stew of group denial; anyone who looks beyond those factors finds nothing at all, except a need to apologize and return Palestine to its owners.

4.) All the talk about a "two-state" solution has always been a pose of "sincerity," which rapacious killers assume when they have to face the cameras.

The "two-state" talk - the Zionist "peace" plan - is a necessary tactic in the Zionist plan to take all of Palestine as fast as a stupefied world will allow. The killers have to say SOMETHING - and if the "two-state" peace proposal, with all its obvious racism, is not transparent enough to elicit howls of scorn from all listeners, the uncomprehending listeners need to review the history of official ethnic-supremacy - and double-check to recall just how compatible with peace such policies really are.

Believers in the Zionist "peace" organizations, such as "Peace Now," Tikkkun, A.N.S.W.E.R., etc. might convince themselves that they are sincere, but only if they can excuse "indignant" violence and slander, disrupting "peace and justice" meetings in key moments of "upset" - quashing normal questions about the inadmissibility of racism, as if reason had collapsed into a license for general rancor the moment someone said "violent racism."

The time-honored arguments, which elicit those violent "upsets," merely touch (and draw forth) the racist violence at the heart of the "two-state" concept. Any belief that such a concept can bring peace depends on those "upsets" which suppress egalitarian principles, in the key moments. This is the process that so mysteriously fails to bring peace.

Those doing the suppressing might or might not be intentional Zionist moles: a system that encourages denial produces lots of neurotic "progressives," who may think they believe in ethnic equality, even though they're "not ready to give up the idea of a 'Jewish state.'" That neurotic hypocrisy is propagated quite intentionally, by the "two-state" deception, in official Zionist circles, such as Tikkkun - and by any number of moles, who, by definition, we do not suspect. Yet there is no need to distinguish between the motives of intentional Zionist deceivers and neurotic, demi-Zionist deniers. Of course, the top Zionist leaders know that racism, including "two-state" racism, can't work. They are not blind to history; they are not as stupefied as those immersed in their propaganda. They do know how to get a job done, and they do know - as everyone is supposed to know - that racism does not work.

They also know they have to face some opposition somewhere, and they find it amazingly easy to arrange that front of "debate" deep inside their own racist ideological territory: so that even the "doves" present an openly racist "peace-plan" which is itself the ideal setting for endless boondoggles, "breakdowns," "overreactions," and perpetual Zionist conquest.

The scheme is perfectly tangible in the influence of Zionist "peace groups," such as Peace Now, Tikkkun, A.N.S.W.E.R., Not In Our Name, and our own "Social Justice Center," here in Marin County. These groups appeal to different sectors of the "peace movement," but they all promote exactly the same racist "two-state" Zionist "peace." This shifts the entire debate into Zionist territory, replacing moral principle with trendy moral relativism, and making real peace activists - those who can't forget the importance of ethnic-equality - seem "extreme," "radical," "unrealistic," even "anti-Semitic."

In reality, nothing could be more moderate than zero tolerance for racism: it IS taught in every American school, for example, and we DO remember the Bill of Rights and Martin Luther King.

The main effect of the Zionist anti-war movement is to divert peace efforts down a false and futile path, EXPRESSLY to avoid "dividing the movement" - or angering the Zionists. It is no accident that catering to the Zionists by making a discreet exception for JEWISH supremacy, deleting the equality argument - the only bulletproof anti-war argument - and keeping discussion tangled in endless negotiations about how to make racism work peacefully, maintains the ideal conditions for Zionist subjugation of the Middle East.

A racist war can hardly be stopped by anti-war arguments that delete any mention of the fundamental racism, so as not to alienate the racists.

Those who see what is happening, through direct experience, and who say so in anti-war forums - even in ostensibly "anti-Zionist" forums - find defensive reactions from seemingly sincere anti-Zionists, who feel a need to angrily defend their pet illusions about prominent "two-state peace" activists. Again, no one can identify the gray area between intentional Zionist deception and neurotic demi-Zionist hostility and denial, but there is no need to do so.

Again, that is what Zionism IS - a historic need that makes one group of people particularly vulnerable to manipulation by fear-mongers, like Ben Gurion, Begin, Sharon, Foxman, Dershowitz, etc. That is why it is pointless to judge motives, or to analyze or compromise; we must simply look at the worst and most patent wrongs - such as violent ethnic prejudice - and demand a plain end to those wrongs directly. If any aspect of Zionism can get along without committing racist crimes, it should be allowed to; and if Zionism depends on those crimes, the best way to stop it is to stop the flagrant, regressive, highly prosecutable crimes directly.

The problem is racist supremacy; the answer is ethnic and religious EQUALITY. It is absurdly simple - and the Zionists know it.

The failure of pro-Palestinian leaders and progressives to comprehend a principle that has been the primary axiom of social progress for the past two centuries and which is vigorously taught to every American schoolchild is a testament to Zionist obfuscation and moral entanglement. It is no accident. The Zionists know that their whole balloon will pop the moment enough people wake up to this plain and fundamental reality.

All the "complexity" would resolve itself, bit by bit, if the principle of equality were applied to every issue, at every phase of discussion - just as it should be. An emphasis on equality is the best compass through the maze of racist complexities.

So when it turns out that the settlements are not dismantled by "two-state" talk, when in fact they continue to proliferate "despite" all the "two-state" talk, someone should at least be talking about their egregious "Jewish-only" RACISM - an issue every American can understand.

Israel must certainly be made to reform its racist immigration-policy, to reflect human equality, as opposed to the ethnic violence it currently enshrines: "Jewish yes; non-Jewish no."

Equality at every point and every level of discussion brings general progress toward peace, at whatever gradual pace is necessary, but mainly it keeps everyone aware that THE PROBLEM IS RACISM AND THE ANSWER IS EQUALITY. That is exactly what the Zionists would have us forget.

The primary error is thinking that Zionists wants peace, when what they demand is ethnic supremacy. The next and equal error is thinking that ethnic supremacy can be made compatible with peace. Peace will come when all claims are weighed on the basis of human rights, without any regard for the ethnicity, religion, or military might of the claimants. Yes, such equality does lead to a "one state" solution, and no it does not offer amnesty to people or institutions that have imposed racist principles against the human rights of others. Those who oppose either of these outcomes of equality and argue against them find it hardest to argue against the moral necessity of equality itself.

Peace depends on justice, and justice means equality. Equality is the goal and it must be every step.


Dave Kersting began his career in philosophy by developing a comprehensive theory of religion and society, which would today be called "holistic." This quickly led to a primary focus on minors'-rights, the field in which he has made my professional career. Kersting soon came to find that the most irrational and violent intrusions into holistic thinking are imposed by those who still demand ethnic-supremacy, despite history's hard-won lessons and warnings against doing.